I AM... probably human, haven't verified that yet (James is the name).
(my alias is pronounced nin-jer-six, coming from when I couldn't spell ninja back in the days)
I come from a land down UNDER THE FUCKING WEATHER called Melbourne or Burn City (burn? melbs ur confused with ur weather))
I have somewhat turned 18 eventually, I have lived the past, and I have eaten food occasionally.
I'm just a bit addicted to Aussie Rap, Nine Inch Nails and QOTSA. I'm obsessed with Trent Reznor's Tambourine playing. And I may have had an Existential Crisis from watching Evangelion... I'm probably the one you'd want to meet and then be confused why this guy's your friend for years afterwards.
I can now refer you to my "read this" page full of the Abouts of me, and stuff.
So here's a *hug* and be on your way! Enjoy the blogs around you and peace out!
"even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day..."

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5 Day Challenge (3/20): 3 Favourite Movies
3. Limitless
2. Oceans 13
1. 21 Jump Street 

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