when you do something embarrassing in front of a lot of people



people used to have to paint their own selfies


ain’t no friendship like a friendship where you’re either confused as siblings or gay lovers

“But now i'm curious about your street sign story (because of the tag) sooo 3, 6, 48, 49 and 50 :)”


Haha ok thanks for the ask!
3: Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
Alright I’ll get the short story out of the road first… My uncle occasionally collected the odd sign that had been lying around (he lived in the countryside) so one day we found one that had been pulled out of the ground so we decided to take it, but we got tired of carrying it so we stuck in in a tree and it remained there for at least the next month afterwards.

The second story. Me and a bunch of friends were walking around the back streets of another country town (more populated than the latter) and we came across a “road closed” sign on the side of the road and one of those wooden post reflectors. We were just like haha let’s put it in the middle of the road and take pictures of it and get out of there. So we did and then I was like “it’d be awkward if the police come around the corner”
And then….. The police come…
And everyone’s like JAMMMEESS YOU JINXED US!!!!
So we got caught with street signs, didn’t get charged or anything but i was looking very sus with a big trench coat and bare feet and a shopping bag full of drinks (non were alcoholic thankfully) but yeah it was an awkward experience.

There was another time we put the metal sheet of the road sign resting on a traffic cone and put that at the crest of a hill in the street…

Oh back when I was 14 hahaha shenanigans all around.

6: What is your Song of the week?
Probablyyyyy “I’m Designer” by Queens of the Stone Age or “Slob Factor” by Trials & Sesta (from golden era mixtape 2014)

48: Which swear word do you use the most?
“Bollocks” or “shit” i tend to be a bit of a foul mouth but i can control myself around adults and people I don’t know well

49: Ever cried at school?
Yeah a couple of times. One major moment was I was 100000% done with a teacher, no one really understood students with anxiety and depression at the school I was at and I got pushed over the edge when I couldn’t function properly.

50: Who is the most intelligent person you know?
I’m not sure I know…. Probably my Grandpa (dad’s dad) he casually reads the dictionary, and is a master at crosswords, sudokus, other newspaper puzzles and chess. Funny story though..
He was teaching me chess once and I took his queen and he didn’t see it coming. He just went… Oh… And quit the game.


need more adventurous people to hang out with and go to parks at midnight and sit on roofs at 4am and wait till the sun comes up and go skinny dipping at night and climb trees and go for picnics during the day to places we have never been before and go to waterfalls and sit up till 4am talking in our undies 


Illustrated Chinese Characters

by ShaoLan Hsueh and Noma Bar

Not mine but very good illustrations.





i was supposed to go to bed an hour ago dont tell my mom


my mom says i have to go to bed now which one of u meaners told


who the fudge changed ‘fudgers’ to ‘meaners’



Sleeper (2x02)


What if Tangled, Wreck It Ralph and Frozen were classically animated.

I love WIR so much but Nik Ranieri’s interpretation of Ralph is so perfect, all these little details. Mark Henn did the bottom one but I don’t think the top one is by any Disney animator, heh

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